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Our company feels obliged to inform you about its operation and the actions it takes, under the very unusual conditions, of the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic.

With a sense of social responsibility, we faithfully implement the recommendations of the Ministry of Health and the EODY, setting as a primary goal the safety of our employees, associates and customers.

Actions that we have already taken for our partners and customers:

We have implemented a Business Continuity Plan, to ensure that all our services continue to be offered smoothly, always taking care of the health of our employees.

We continue to carry out normally both the planned orders and installations, as well as new ones that arise in the meantime. The same applies to Equipment Maintenance and Emergency Response.

Our company had already taken care of and has secured a sufficient stock of automation equipment to serve its customers, while also having spare parts, to deal with a large part of emergencies.

At the same time, the European factories that we represent, keep us constantly informed and so far assure us that, despite the difficult general conditions, they place orders for both new items and spare parts.

We use the power of technology through alternative communication channels (telephone, conference call, video conference) so that even if the personal contacts of mechanical sales with our partners and customers have been reduced to a minimum, we remain in constant communication and take care for any problems that may arise.

We provide special purpose permits to employees belonging to vulnerable groups, as defined by the E.O.D.Y. as well as to parents of minor students.

Respectively, we prevent employees from personal travel.

We secure all the jobs of our staff.

At the same time, we are following the developments, so that -if necessary- we can review our plans and take additional measures to contribute to the National effort to limit the spread of COVID-19.

In this difficult period we all stand together and always by your side.

We thank you for your cooperation and trust!