SERVICES - Standoor
Design, assembly, installation & maintenance
Our services
Design & Specification

Many of the applications of our products require, prior to their installation, study for choosing the most suitable type, dimension, installation method, as well as the appropriate building infrastructure for support, electrical wiring, etc.
For big projects, complete technical studies are required regarding the implementation of
our products e.g. fire doors and escape exits to fire departments, industrial doors and loading and unloading ramps in distribution areas, etc.
Standoor Hellas, with consistency and immediacy, provides information and specifications to almost every technical company, architectural and design office in the country.

Assembly & Production

In order to achieve faster delivery times as well as for the best quality control of our products, most of them are imported from factories in parts and assembled in our properly equipped facilities.
For special requirements, custom-made products are manufactured in our facilities.


For the installation of our products we only use the permanent
technical staff of our company, having the experience and know-how in order to carry out any kind of project.
We apply the most up-to-date installation methods for fast and reliable results.

Maintenance & Repair

One of the main competitive advantages of our company is the organized and reliable technical support with large database, inventory of huge variety of spare parts, immediate response and 40 years of experience and expertise.