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40+ years
experience in study, specification, design, manufacture, installation, maintenance and repair.

Standoor Hellas is a family business specializing in automatic doors and entry systems since its foundation in 1981.
Our company provides comprehensive support for all its products at all stages: study, specification, design, manufacture, supply, installation, maintenance and repair.
The more than 40+ years of experience in the field and our persistence in these criteria have acclaimed Standoor Hellas to be today the leading company in the field, in terms of know-how and reliability. We have a wide range of products regarding automatic entrance doors of all types and uses, including industrial, commercial, office and residential buildings, as well as parking, warehouses, airports, ports, garages etc. We also support all kinds of special doors such as fire protection, food production and processing facilities, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and other laboratories. We complement our range with loading systems, levelers, shelters, lifting platforms, etc. In very few places –perhaps worldwide– all the above together are supplied, installed and maintained by a single company, such as Standoor Hellas.

From Design and Assembly to Installation and Maintenance of your products, we are here to support you.
Since 1981 our products and services are synonymous with high quality.
All our products are certified by official organizations and comply with the latest and most strict European Norms.

We cooperate and represent some of the most reliable manufacturers around the globe, who carry all the necessary - and not only - certifications such as ISO, TÜV, CE marking, etc.

We have experienced engineers, privately owned office spaces, exhibitions, assembly, production and warehouse facilities, as well as a privately owned fleet of vehicles of all kinds for the immediate realization of any project. For the installation and the service of our products we use exclusively the permanent technical staff of our company that has experience, expertise and continuous training in the field.

In our long history we have carried thousands of important projects throughout Greece and abroad (Cyprus, Skopje, Bulgaria) for some of the most important international and Greek companies, as well as individuals. Remaining steadfast to our values, we work hard in order to offer our customers the highest possible quality of products and technical support.

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