Industrial Doors
1. Insulated overhead sectional doors

They adapt perfectly to the architecture of your building, offering thermal insulation and conform with the latest regulations for safety and operation.
Available in a wide range of designs, colors and types, for any kind of requirement.

2. Insulated Sliding doors

Ideal solution for areas where it is not possible to install overhead doors.
Available in a wide range of colors and dimensions.

3. Insulated Folding doors

Ideal solution for very large openings as well as for places where no other door can be installed, as they occupy the smallest possible space in the open position.
Available in a wide range of colors and dimensions.

4. Industrial air curtains

The “invisible door”.
Air-curtains create a horizontal jet stream preventing energy loss as well as the passage of flying insects, dust etc.
Necessary on external doors with large daily number of openings and closings, or for internal doors that separate rooms with different temperatures e.g. freezer rooms.
Quiet, efficient and with very low energy consumption, they save much more energy than what they require for operating.
Available in a big variety of types and sizes, for any kind of requirement and for opening heights up to 6 meters!
Manufactured entirely from metal parts and tested at the most advanced laboratory in Europe.