1. Automatic barriers

Automatic road barriers for boom lengths up to 5m, up to 7m and up to 8.5m.
Elegant bars with reliable mechanism, integrated flashing lamp with LED and aluminum arm of elliptical cross-section with sufficient thickness and internal reinforcements.
Suitable for intensive use.
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2. Rising bollards

Automatic and semi-automatic rising bollards.
Discrete and stylish, restrict vehicle approach.
Available also in anti-terrorist type applications.
See the brochures and video for more details.

3. Turnstiles

Automatic or manual.
Wide variety of turnstiles for controlled access in stations, stadiums and high-security premises.
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4. Access Gates

Automatic pedestrian access gates for offices, public transport, etc.
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5. Car park saver

Automatic or manual.
Compact and cost effective solution for saving your parking space!
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