HISTORY - Standoor
Standoor Hellas is one of the first companies in Greece
to specialize in automatic doors.
The history of Standoor Hellas
The year of foundation by Konstantinos Katsoulis.

Founded in 1981 by Konstantinos Katsoulis, Standoor Hellas was one of the first companies in Greece to operate in the field of automatic doors.
With a steady vision and dedication to quality, Standoor Hellas has, for decades, distinguished itself from competition. Over the years, we have been able to respond to projects of any size and requirements, expanding our range of products and introducing the most innovative and high quality solutions from all over the world to the Greek market.

Today, Standoor Hellas represents and cooperates with the leading companies worldwide in automated and special doors and is well known within and outside the Greek market for its quality and consistency.